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    • Ben looks forward to Wednesday’s at The Tall Institute after working the other four days. This has become a comfortable place to go where he has met new friends, experienced different community activities, shared his country music interests, participated in dancing and other recreational activities. At The Tall INstitute, Ben continues to work on his independent living skills that will help him to realize his dream of moving out and living on his own. We are grateful to The TALL Institute for all their encouragement, kindness and support.

      Ben, Bob and Ellen Rinsky |
    • The look on my brother’s face was priceless. He was so happy, he had just received one of his first phone calls from a friend asking him to participante in a social outing. You see, prior to The Tall Institute, Tony’s life revolved around his work at Kroger, church and family. He had never been able to develop personal relationships with people of his own age and similar interests. Can you imagine the change in Tony’s life as he explores friendship? For the first time in Tony’s life, he is experiencing outside activities like movies, dances, museums and meals out with people of which he has a lot in common. Small things like these, most people take for granted. Small things like these, have changed Tony’s life. He has grown and experienced so many new things, in such a short period of time with The Tall Institute. Thank You, Tall Institute for helping my brother reach a richer, more fulfilling life!

      Teresa Rosenbeck |

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